Our coffee philosoffee


At Coffee Galore, we take every drink we make seriously - after all,
our reputation depends upon it. It takes a little time, but we think
it's worth the wait, to give you a coffee exactly as you want it.

Every one of the thousands of coffees, hot chocolates, iced frappes,
smoothies and shakes we make is cared for from start to finish.

Our baristas know the importance of a creamy espresso base - every time. It's
our way of guaranteeing that every cup tastes as good as it should.

Our super crema coffee beans - the finest Ethiopian Mocha (where coffee was
first discovered), renowned for its characteristically rich, dark chocolatey
flavour, blended together with Honduras arabicas from Central America and
Indian Mysore - produce a mild creamy coffee with a unique and satisfying

We take pride in every drink we serve. If you get as much pleasure from
drinking it, as we do from making it, it's a job well done.