ESPRESSO: a traditional shot of espresso

MACCHIATO: espresso with a delicious
creamy topping

AMERICANO: a refreshing black or white coffee

CAPPUCCINO: a creamy white coffee made with a
thick, frothy top

LATTÉ: a long white coffee with steamed milk

MOCHA: a latté base blended with hot chocolate

HOT CHOCOLATE: a sumptuous chocolate drink
made with steamed milk

LIQUEURS: add a generous measure of Baileys,
brandy or whisky to any hot drink. Delicious...

SYRUP SHOTS: too many choices to list, from
Amaretto, butterscotch, caramel and coconut to
French vanilla, hazelnut and gingerbread


CHAI: spiced or vanilla

'OLD FAVOURITES': Horlicks and Ovaltine always

SPECIALITY TEAS: a variety of selected blends

MILKSHAKES: deliciously cool in a huge choice of
flavours - including mint and bubblegum!

REAL FRUIT SMOOTHIES: freshly made-to-order in a choice of six ice-cool flavours

ICED TEAS: distinctively different, infused with blends of lime, lemongrass, jasmine, mango and a range of other distinctive flavours

WATER: ice-cold still mineral water

PLUS: a range of cakes, pastries, chocolate and other
perfect accompaniments